TGLS is an examination which verifies candidates’ language competences with no need to determine their initial level of the language knowledge before taking the test.

The person who would like to obtain the TGLS certificate does not take the exam at any specific level, it is the very result of the exam which shows the current level of all language competences of the candidate.

The certification process is based on the most cutting-edge IT solutions, thanks to which the format of the exam is simple and user-friendly, and its result is reliable.

The candidate takes the exam via a computer at one of TGLS Examination Centres. The exam consists of three parts.

The first part checks 3 language competences:

  • the range of vocabulary and grammar structures
  • reading comprehension
  • listening comprehension

The second part is writing. Depending on the score achieved in the first part, the candidate receives a set of tasks which check his/her ability to write in a foreign language and fit his/her level.

The third part is a conversation with the examiner (live-chat mode) via the Internet. The conversation is recorded.

Both the written part and the recorded examination conversation are assessed by a total of 4 randomly chosen examiners, and the final score is the joint effect of their assessment.

Within 7 days from the completion of the exam, the candidate is able to check his/her scores at the website. Within another 7 days the candidate can collect his/her TGLS Certificate in the Examination Centre where the exam was taken.

This kind of examination format gives candidates easy access to TGLS exams and the opportunity to take the exam at any time and not only in the examination sessions scheduled in advance. Moreover, it ensures unique quality of the assessment and objectivity of the exam. Archiving the candidates’ oral and written scores enables their verification should the candidate wish to do so.
The recordings are archived for one year. After this time the records are irreversibly destroyed, and only the exam results are kept.

Each certificate has its unique number which enables authenticity check and gives specific and descriptive information about the level of all the language competences of the owner of the certificate. The information about achieved scores available at the website does not reveal the candidate’s personal data and includes only his/her CRN number (Candidate Reference Number).