TGLS performs complex assessment of language competences of company employees. We organize language tests for international corporations, institutions and local firms for whom their workers’ language competences are of utmost importance in their work.

The test shows the employer in a reliable and objective manner the level of his/her employees’ general language knowledge as well as particular language skills.

Why do it?

  • If your company is financing your employees’ language courses, it’s worth finding out if the money is well-spent – the independent outside test will check it.
  • Thanks to the test you will learn if the effect of the trainings are suitable and if the training focuses on the key competences for employers – if we check the employees’ knowledge at the beginning, and then periodically measure their progress it is very easy to see if the course is fulfilling its requirements.
  • Knowing that the courses will finish with an independent outside exam, employees are more motivated to work and achieve the desired results.
  • The company recruiting new workers or giving workers tasks which require suitable language skills can easily and quickly find out the necessary information thanks to TGLS tests.

Tested skills

Basic test

It checks 3 basic language skills

  1. the knowledge of vocabulary and grammar accuracy
  2. reading comprehension
  3. listening comprehension

The test is addressed to people who in their work have to focus on reading material and communicate in writing via e-mail.

Full test

The full test checks 5 language skills:

    1. the knowledge of vocabulary and grammar accuracy
    2. reading comprehension
    3. listening comprehension
    4. writing
    5. oral exam


Apart from having all the skills from the basic test tested, the candidate also undergoes oral exam.

The oral exam is a conversation with TGLS examiner is it is recorded. Each exam is additionally assessed by a randomly chosen examiner who listens to the recording and grades it.

The employer receives a complete report on the language competences of people tested which shows each language skill separately and is accompanied with a description of the candidate’s skills.

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