TGLS Certificates – advantages for the candidate:

  • The language exam with certificate received upon completion can be taken at any moment in TGLS Examination Centres;
  • The certificate isn’t issued only for a limited period of time, it can be used to confirm the language competences of its owner for work or learning purposes;
  • It provides the candidate, his/her employer or the university he/she is applying to with the detailed information about the candidate’s level of the foreign language together with graphic illustration of all particular language competences;
  • There’s no failing grade – the result is shown in points ranging from 0 to 450;
  • The exam can be re-taken numerous times and its scores can be improved during the process of learning and mastering the candidate’s command of the language;
  • The exam focuses on effective use of language skills for communication;
  • Due to user-friendly format and types of exercises, the test does not require prior training which specifically prepares for the exam.