Co-operation with TGLS offers prestige, development and numerous benefits for your institution.

Join us and become:

  • TGLS Partner
    The institution co-operating with TGLS and promoting its certificates and services, which is not authorized to issue certificates.
  • TGLS Examination Centre
    The institution authorized to issue certificates.
  • TGLS Academy
    The status of TGLS Academy is reserved exclusively for Universities and Higher Education Institutions as well as institutions whose status is higher than regional which honour TGLS certificate as documents confirming the knowledge of a foreign language in their organization. TGLS Academy is also an examination centre.

The status of partnership depends on the type of co-operation as well as the level of your involevment and capabilities.

The benefits of co-operation

The main benefits of co-operation with The Global Language System are as follows:

  • The right to organize International TGLS Language Exams and the financial benefits resulting from it.
  • A special partner commission scheme for people involved in TGLS certification process in your institution.
  • The right to use TGLS logo in your information and promotional materials.
  • Participation in trainings and conferences organized by TGLS.

Each and every one of our partners appreciates the quality of co-operation and the good organization of all the processes they’re involved in. Thanks to that our partners save their time and resources.

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