TGLS certificates are recognized by Europass, which is an institution founded by the European Committee to increase transparency and standardize information about competence and qualifications for the employment market. All the certificates feature the Europass emblem.

Europass is a set of five documents that help to demonstrate the knowledge and skills of the European Union citizens. The Portfolio has been developed for people who are seeking work or study in European Union countries other than their own. It makes qualifications, skills, and other attributes more easily recognisable and understandable by employers and educational institutions.

One reason for the introduction of Europass is to establish uniform and comparable staff assessment criteria especially in the EU. Each individual document relates to one of the main factors which play an important role when applying for a new job. Europass should apply in all European Union countries – but on a voluntary basis.

The Europass documents can be used separately, or alongside one another. The documents are:

  1. The Curriculum Vitae (CV); its main task is to show the overall qualifications of an applicant.
  2. The Language Passport; it shows a candidate’s language skills
  3. Europass Mobility; it summarizes experience of domestic and foreign study
  4. The Diploma Supplement; it describes the candidate’s education path
  5. The Certificate Supplement; it is a testament to candidate’s professional qualifications.


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