About The Global Language System Certificates

All TGLS certificates comply with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). All the language competencies from level A1 to C2 are described in accordance with the assessment requirements and standards determined by the Council of Europe. Read more »

TGLS and EuroPass

TGLS certificates are recognized by Europass, which is an institution founded by the European Committee to increase transparency and standardize information about competence and qualifications for the employment market. All the certificates feature the Europass emblem. Read more »

TGLS Features:

  • detailed information about the candidate’s level of the foreign language
  • can be taken at any moment in TGLS Examination Centres
  • user-friendly format and types of exercises
  • does not require prior training
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TGLS Certificate:

  • can be used to confirm the language competences of its owner for work or learning purposes
  • is valid for an unlimited period of time
  • no failing grade
  • can be re-taken numerous times and its scores can be improved
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